GenoCanyon is a whole-genome functional annotation approach based on unsupervised statistical learning. It integrates genomic conservation measures and biochemical annotation data to predict the functional potential at each nucleotide. More details about the method can be found in our PAPER.

We pre-calculated the prediction scores for the entire human genome (hg19). Prediction scores and all 22 annotations are available for download on the DOWNLOADS page. For complex analysis that involves large genomic regions, we suggest to download the data and analyze them on your local device. For regions shorter than 3 million base pairs, we developed a web application to visualize the results. It can be found on the PREDICTION page. If you have questions or concerns about our method, please check out the FAQ. If that cannot answer your question, feel free to send an email to us.

GenoCanyon should not be used for commercial purpose without our permission.



We have further extended the GenoCanyon framework and developed GenoSkyline, an integrative tissue-specific functional annotation tool. Click HERE for more details.

We recently developed GenoWAP (Genome-Wide Association Prioritizer), a post-GWAS prioritization method based on GenoCanyon functional prediction. The pre-print of the GenoWAP paper and the stand-alone software can be accessed on its WEBSITE.