GenoCanyon Score (Version 1.0.3)

We have pre-calculated GenoCanyon scores for the hg19 human genome.

GenoCanyon Files:

Download via Google Drive

We also provide a smoothed version of GenoCanyon. Average scores over the flanking 10kb are calculated for all bases:

Download GenoCanyon10K scores
Sample script to extract GenoCanyon10K scores


Update Log


Provided files and sample scripts for smoothed GenoCanyon scores.

Prediction Score Version 1.0.3

Rearranged files based on chromosomes.

Prediction Score Version 1.0.2

Fixed some corrupted zip files.

Prediction Score Version 1.0.1

Fixed the corrupted files "Prediction_chr1_200000001-220000000" and "Prediction_chr1_220000001-240000000".